And so it goes

Leave it to Ron Anderson to make life a little more complicated than it already was. After leaving LaGrange College, changing my major thirty times (ok, it’s only been six times, but still…), and falling in love with journalism and photography, I thought the whole theatre bug was out of my system. Even working at the Springer Opera House and doing Winnie the Pooh didn’t make me second guess myself. However, Mr. Ron casting me in Father of the Bride and the process I have gone through with that production has made the wheels in my head start to turn. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

In the long term plan that I have in my head, I see myself finishing school, moving to D.C. or somewhere similar and writing for a newspaper or freelancing and writing for several papers, being a photographer and going to crazy places to get the perfect shot, changing the world one picture and/or article at a time, and traveling a good deal. Theatre was not a part of this equation. And I didn’t want it to be. I was burnt out and in need of something else. However, I find that this is a job that I enjoy immensely. I get paid to play, read, research, be someone else for a little while, and spend time with really interesting people. I get to be the diversion that people seek when the world goes to hell in a handbag. Because of my job in the theatre, I have a voice that people are listening to. I have the opportunity to impact communities, tell a story that has either never been told or has been forgotten, and relieve the stress that people are feeling in their everyday lives. I am a part of an industry that has survived wars, depressions, and economic recessions. I do like that.

I could be a writer and an actor and a photographer. Either way, I’ll be poor. It’s not like any of those professions are something that one chooses to do for the money. I could still work with children and be apart of the arts education movement that I am so passionate about. I could freelance and finish that book. I could take pictures on tour, do headshots and other various shoots. This could work. It really could.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Ron.