Rush, Rush, Rush

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Ever. I love Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Arbor Day, St. Patty’s, and the rest, but Thanksgiving is the absolute best. There are no expectations of anything except food, fellowship, and football. I enjoy the smells, sounds, and the general scene of the day.

Traditions in the Garcia household include watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade while putting the last minute touches on the house, cooking for hours on end, taking a pie or two to the nearest fire station, and going to a movie. The days that follow Thanksgiving are full of leftovers and Christmas decorations, but those don’t come until after.

I feel as if Thanksgiving is becoming the forgotten holiday. We start seeing Halloween decor in August and before Halloween is over, we see Christmas lights at the mall. I hate that. If you read my post about the Christmas music on a local radio station, you know how strongly I feel about Christmas and it’s place on the calendar. I just wish that we would all slow down for a minute and savor the entire holiday season and that includes Thanksgiving. I abhor the rush of the season. I enjoy the holidays so very much and I hate it when they are over. Why not slow down a bit?

For the next few days I am going to share specific things for which I am grateful and why. I hope you enjoy the read and I hope that encourages you to stop and think about the people and situations in your life for which you are thankful.