On being a Georgia Tech Fan

For the past three days, my life has been full of sporting events. Thursday night, I went to the last pre-season game for the Atlanta Falcons. Friday night, I went to the Braves game with my family. And then yesterday, I went to the Auburn game. All three games were a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself thoroughly every time. However, at the Auburn game in particular, I just couldn’t get into it to the full extent that everyone else did. And thus, the following thought process was born.

I love being a Georgia Tech fan. No, I did not go there (although, future prospects are possible), but Ben Beck does go there and while we were dating, we enjoyed Tech and it’s sports to the fullest. There is just something about the spirit of Georgia Tech that I cannot explain. I love everything about Tech. Football, baseball, basketball, tennis. You name it, I try and keep up with it. I love our little football field. Although it may not house as many folks as other stadiums, the atmosphere and intimacy is unbeatable. I love our cheers and chants. I love the white and gold. I love our fans and players alike.

I realized just how much I loved Georgia Tech when I attended the first Auburn game of the season yesterday afternoon. Here were my clues:

  • I wanted to wear White and Gold soooo bad.
  • I wanted to jump up and down while the band was playing “ooohhh. ooooh.” (I can’t remember the name…ehhh)
  • Every time someone said “War Eagle”, I wanted to respond with “Goooo Jackets!”
  • The sea of orange and blue just wasn’t as appealing to me as my own white and gold.
  • As much as I love college football, it just wasn’t as good.

Overall, my three games were awesome and I had a blast. But, I missed watching or even getting to hear my Yellow Jackets on the radio. Our next game will be no different. I have Young Life All City Club. At least this time, I can catch snippets on the radio.

Gooooo Jackets!