My Dream Home; Part 1

I often daydream about my dream home and think about all of the things I want to do when I have my own home. I have a running list and it is always changing and growing.  The main purpose of this particular post is share the things that I wish I could do now in hopes of you being able to actually do them and hear all about what works and what doesn’t work. 

I purposefully did not say “house” in my title or first paragraph. I am not set on having a house. I would be content in an apartment or loft or duplex or any other form of housing. I simply crave my own space that is all mine to decorate, design, and maintain.

When thinking about my dream home, it usually involves thoughts of hardwood floors, a rug from Interface, fresh flowers, comfy seating arrangements, snuggly throws, a dog, and being as “green” and eco-friendly as possible. I get a lot my ideas from RealSimple and other magazines and websites. 

Tonight, I want to specifically talk about fresh flowers.  I am in love with the idea of fresh flowers being a constant in my home.  According to Dr. Andrew Weil, fresh flowers can improve your mood and your general health.  I am not saying that I want to break the bank when it comes to buying flowers, but I do think that it is worth the investment. 

KBM does too. 


Her advice is to be thrifty in your vase shopping (if you don’t have a lot around the house).  My advice is to use your local wholesale flower shop.  There is one off of 13th Street behind Direct Optical here in Columbus and the name is easy to remember; Columbus Wholesale Florist and Supply INC.  This is a great way to support local business’, add beauty to your home, and not go broke doing it.