Grace Like Rain

I had a pretty crummy day.  I locked my keys in my car and I had a small fender bender.  Those two incidents, which took up a lot of time, followed by the fact that there are just not enough hours in the day, made me run around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. 

As I was headed to Young Life club tonight, I was, admittedly, not in the mood to be there.  I would have done anything to be at home, studying, working, and in my pajamas.  I did not have a good attitude about the evening that was before me.  And then God started working.

It started with kids arriving early.  They are always early, but rarely this early.  As our team went through club order and prayed I was still not in the “club mindset” and I wasn’t really asking God to put my mind where it needed to be. 

The parking lot was full of kids, full of faces that I had never seen before.  And so I began the tedious task of talking to unfamiliar faces, fully aware that there was a possibility that I had met this girl before and just didn’t remember.  As I made my way through the crowd, my spirit began to be lifted.  I was surrounded by highschool girls who wanted to be there at the trailer, who were with me in that moment for a reason.  These girls are the reason that I am in love with Young Life.  They are so precious and they have their whole lives in front of them.  They are loved by a Father than some of them have never met and I believe with my whole heart, that He placed them in my life for a specific purpose. 

My eyes fell to one girl in particular.  I had been praying specifically for this girl for over a year.  I had immediately been drawn to her.  I am not totally sure why.  Perhaps because she resembles a girl who I once knew and was best friends with.  Perhaps because she has a personality and spirit that lights up a room, yet leaves me mystified at the same time.  Perhaps, (and most likely) it is because Jesus laid her on my heart to love and seek out.  Whatever the reason, this girl’s name has been on my lips for a long time and after weeks of asking her to come to club and being turned down, she has become a club regular. 

Tonight, I decided that tonight was the night that I wanted her to know how special she has been to me since she moved here and after club I pulled her aside to share with her all that she has meant to me.  I let her know that she was the one that I prayed for, night after night, week after week, month after month.  That the Holy Spirit had laid her on my heart and that every time that I saw her at club it was a reminder that God answers prayer and His plans are always in His own timing. 

I am so grateful that He answered my prayers for a relationship with my sweet highschool friend and that He allows me the opportunity to fellowship with her and all the other girls.  His grace, like rain, falls down on me. And even through the drought that I fear I am experiencing spiritually at the moment, He is faithful to chase me faithfully and send sweet reminders of His love through my highschool friends.