The Sheppards

About a month ago, Josh and I attended a low country boil hosted by Christ the King Catholic Church.  It was the first night that it got super cold, but we had so much fun meeting folks and eating delicious food!

I had the opportunity to meet Remona and Bryan Sheppard and their darling little girl, Zoe Rose.  Remona and Bryan shared their story with me and I was immediately smitten.  After a couple of hours of chatting, it was time to go.  At the chance of sounding creepy, I offered to do a photo shoot with their family.  Remona and Bryan both seemed interested and I gave them my contact information.

Not really expecting to hear anything, I was a little surprised to get an email from Remona about two weeks later.  We began to plan and finally got together this morning in Pine Mountain at Callaway Gardens.  What a fun shoot!  We spent awhile taking pictures, broke for breakfast, and then spent about another hour with the camera. 

It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!  What a lovely family.  Thank you, Sheppards, for sharing yourselves with me today!