An Open Letter to Robert Gibbs-Press Secretary for the President.

Dear Press Secretary Gibbs,

This letter is to refer to the rude manner in which you conducted this press conference. 

In what universe is it appropriate to speak to members of the White House Press Corp in that way?  Since when did it become ok to conduct the daily press conference in a non-professional, condescending, and uncalled for way?  Whether or not you thought the question was silly, irrelevant, or just plain stupid does not mean that you don’t have to answer it with respect and sincerity.  Plus, you can’t get mad just because someone on your staff forgot to hand this particular reporter a copy of the questions that were to be asked that day…

Maybe you need a reminder and quite frankly, I don’t mind being the one to give it, but you work for those reporters, not the other way around.  The men and women that sit in that room everyday chose to serve the American people by reporting on the business of the current administration-who, by the way, also work for the American people.  They aren’t perfect and they don’t always do a good job, but your job is to, honestly and openly, report to the press the daily happenings of the Obama administration and honestly, you are not that good at it. 

I am constantly amazed by your seeming lack of knowledge on information that is supposed to given to the press, your lack of decorum, and your incessant use of “ummm…”, “uhhh…”, and “I don’t know…”.  But, I really shouldn’t be.  I mean, why would I expect you to improve after 11 months in office? Especially if your boss hasn’t. 

Nevermind.  Sorry I even brought it up.  If President Obama can call female reporters “sweetie”, you can compare them to your child.  My bad.


Theresa Garcia