A Weekend on the Road…

From Muscogee to Coweta, Coweta to Muscogee, Muscogee to Troup, Troup to Muscogee, I have put over two hundred miles on my poor Buick, Barbara, today.

I traveled to Newnan this morning with Matt F. and the Russell’s to meet with the 3rd Congressional District GOP for a meeting to decide the new chairman.  With three candidates going into the meeting, one dropped out, leaving only Alton Russell and Ben Johnson in the running.  In an overwhelming majority, Alton assumed his new position and immediately stepped in as chairman.  With his usual charm and strong leadership, Alton firmly led the rest of the meeting with confidence.  With a not-so-awesome load of baggage in the trunk, I am certain that the 3rd Congressional District GOP is about to have a clean slate.  Tension was a bit high this morning in the Golden Correll, but new leadership is sure to turn things around.

After making it back to Columbus for what seemed like ten minutes, Josh and I were off to tour the new KIA plant is West Point, Georgia.  What an impressive plant!  It really is neat to have that in our community and I am looking forward to buying a KIA one of these days.  What could be better than to own a car made in your own back yard?

We didn’t get too far back down the road to Columbus before we decided to drop in on one of our favorite West Point ladies, Ms. Pat.  Thrilled to find her home and not busy, we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and visiting, always a treat and by far my favorite part of the campaign trail.

We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful community and have the opportunity to serve those we live with.  Driving though Troup County is a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I always make Josh take the back roads instead of the highway so that we can enjoy the scenery and I can see all my favorite houses.

Overall, a successful Saturday for the campaign to elect Josh McKoon for the State Senate, District 29.  (A shameless plug, I know.)

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