LaGrange Patriots

Last night Josh and I made a trip to LaGrange to watch a documentary on the Tea Party movement.  With about 50 people in attendance, Donna Wright and the other LaGrange Patriots have a lot of reasons for pride.  I was at the tea party that they held last August on the Square in LaGrange, Georgia and the crowd neared 1,000 people.  In attendance were state representatives, local officials, and national figures.  The program was impressive.

The documentary, shown at Hoofers, gave me goosebumps.  Watching over one million people-and yes, it was over one million people contrary to what the media told us- gather in our nation’s capitol to exercise their right to voice their opinions was awe-inspiring.  The ability to gather in that way and express displeasure with the people whose power is on loan from the folks they represent is a privilege that the American take for granted by simply not speaking up.  As groups across the nation continue to speak out and hold Tea Party’s like the one today in Atlanta and plan others that will take place in the coming months, I urge you to take a serious look at the millions of people who are ready to take back our country and who stand for liberty.  This is not a group of crazies.  This is not a group of over zealous, conservative extremists. This is a group of true patriots.

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