So…I may feel a little guilty.

The title of the blog is “Columbus, Georgia…” and I may or may not have neglected that over the past few days due to healthcare.  Now, I firmly believe that the healthcare bill will effect the citizens of Columbus, Georgia, but I should share news directly related.

The Republican Women of Muscogee-Harris County are having a Mayoral Forum tonight at Meritage @ 7PM.

I tend to agree with the comments below this article, but what the hay?

Lots of crime being reported. This does not make me rethink my position on the Crime Czar position.

The body of a fallen Ft. Benning Sgt. has been brought home.

Georgia Supreme Court rejects local Tort Reform challenge.

This really exciting!  Simon Clark, a Columbus High graduate and Georgia Tech alum, will appear on GPTV as part of special with Georgia Tech’s “The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech” tomorrow night at 7PM.