I would still pick you…

When I was a little girl my mom would say “Theresa Naomi, I love you so much that if they lined up all the (insert age here) girls in the world up, I would still pick you.”  And that is the way I feel about her.

My earliest-most vivid- memory of my mother occurred when I was about 4.  I was watching “Lamb Chops Play House” and I had all of my little red and blue plastic chairs lined up in the little hallway in front of the kitchen of our duplex.  Mom tripped and fell and was crying and I just continued to watch T.V.  Whoops.

We had just moved out to the house where I grew up in Upatoi and I had just learned how to dial 911.  Mom was mowing the grass and I was playing outside.  She had brought the phone out and placed it on the steps.  I thought it would be a fantastic idea to practice dialing 911 and promptly hung up when I heard a woman’s voice on the other end of the line.  About 30 minutes later, a very nice police officer showed up in our driveway.  I cried and cried. I was so embarrassed.  Moms was slightly mortified and slightly amused.  The nice police officer offered to let me play in the squad car and I let that opportunity pass by.  Still regret that…silly child.

There were also all those times Moms was pregnant.  Yeah, that happened a lot.  I don’t really remember the three after me, but the last four are fairly vivid.  I remember Joe being born and being terrified that something was going to happen to Moms-which was silly.  She had already done it five times.  This one would be a piece of cake.  Katie and Ben’s pregnancies stand out the most.  Mom loved BBQ when she was pregnant with Katie.  Yes, Macon Road BBQ had a booming business there for about 9 months. And only two or three weeks after Moms knew for sure about Ben, I asked her if she was pregnant.  She looked at me, shocked, and asked how I knew that.  I told her she was eating weird food and there was a baby magazine on the floor in her room.  She laughed and told me not to tell anyone yet.  She hadn’t even told Grammy-her mother.  That was special to be one of the first three people to know and share that secret with her.

If you don’t know my mom, you are seriously missing out.  Although, if you know me, it’s kinda like knowing her.  We are very much the same.  Not so long ago, Moms said something about realizing more and more that she had her mother’s characteristics, and I just laughed because I noticed it too, only I see my mother in me. Moms and I have always been pretty open about how similar we are and she has lovingly helped me to work on the parts of US that we dislike.

In every way possible I am thankful for my mother.  I am thankful for her love for me and my siblings.  I am thankful for her love for my sweet daddy.  I am thankful for the sacrifices that she has made over the years in homeschooling us, in toting us around town, and in making sure that our home was just right.  I am thankful for her friendship and the fun that we have together.  I am thankful for the joy that she has given me.  I am thankful for the lessons she has taught me.  I am thankful that she taught me to stand alone, but is never far away when I need a shoulder to lean on.

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms.  You da best. And just so you know, if they lined up all the moms in the world, I would still pick you…