Oh, Hiiii, Friday!

Your Friday headlines:

Gov. Perdue is in the process of choosing Muscogee County’s new Superior Court Judge.  Stacy Jackson, Bill Rumer, and Ron Mullins all interviewed with the Governor this past week.  You can read the Ledger story here.

I knew I liked Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.  Cagle says he is still working to save the Columbus Crime Lab from being closed by Gov. Perdue.

More on the Parks and Recreation case in Columbus.  Newsworthy? Maybe, maybe not. You decide.

There will be public meetings held by Ft. Benning to discuss a new land acquisition study. Meeting locations are as follows:

June 14: National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

June 15: Russell County High School, Seale, Ala.

June 17: Josh Gibson Center, Buena Vista, Ga.

June 18: Richland Hotel, Richland, Ga.

For more information about the Training Land Expansion Project, call 706-545-8830 or e-mail questions and comments to land.benning@us.army.mil.

Have you heard about Alvin Green?  You gotta read this

From the McKoon campaign, things are still rockin’ and rollin’.  We are gearing up for July 20th.  Anyone interested in waving a sign should let me know!

And in other news, the Celtics won last night. Ugh.