Good Monday to ya…

Let’s just get this out of the way…Kobe couldn’t do it last night and the Celtics won. 92-86, Celtics.

Joe Riddle is leaving Columbus for Arkansas. Riddle has worked for the Columbus Consolidated Government for almost two decades and now leaves to be closer to his aging parents.  I was in City Council on Monday when Riddle was honored.  It was obvious that he will be missed.  You can read more about his accomplishments here.

Interesting AP article in the Ledger Enquirer this morning on the gubernatorial race.  Nothing we haven’t heard, but not a bad read.

Get ready.  If you haven’t already seen the black SUV’s on your way to work this morning, you will soon.  40 women-and this doesn’t include their mothers, sisters, stylists, coaches, and dressers-will ascend on Columbus this week as they prepare for the 66th Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant. A week long event, it really is a great boost to the local economy and a great use of the beautiful RiverCenter.

Great article on Peach Pundit that you should read about the “coronation” of King Roy Barnes. And by the way…if you haven’t seen this little gem…

Hi, my name is Roy Barnes and I realize that there are thousands of new Georgia voters since my time in office 8 years ago and they have no clue who I am.  There is even a possibility that the folks who do know who I am have possibly forgotten what a bad governor I was, so let me remind/tell you and apologize while I sit in this church, because that will make it more believable.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.


For a more national overview, check out this site.

That’s all for now, folks.