Happy 50th, Moms!

In honor of my mother living through half a century here are 50 things that I really love about her (in no particular order):

  1. Her sweet tea. It’s not too sweet, it’s not too unsweet, it’s just right.
  2. Her ferocious love that always wants to fight for her babies.
  3. The silly sayings that she got from Grammy and says to us and now I say them and people make fun of me.
  4. The bumper stickers on the back of her Yukon.
  5. Lunch dates with her…and Rush Limbaugh.
  6. Her adamant insistence about celebrating birthdays in super special ways.
  7. Her love of tradition.
  8. The sacrifices she has made to make our lives the best it could possibly be.
  9. The memory of Cubbies on Sunday nights at Edgewood and her telling us to be rocks…seriously?
  10. “Damn Sel-fish.”
  11. Her incredibly large vocabulary.
  12. “That is completely asinine.”
  13. Her use of “home economics” class in homeschooling…
  14. Her ability to get from the house in Upatoi to the Springer in downtown Columbus in a time that I won’t post in a public forum.
  15. Peanut butter sandwiches and Kraft Mac and Cheese never tasted as good as when Mom makes it.
  16. Her loyalty.
  17. Were you aware that scrubbing bathrooms builds character? Mom gave me lots of lessons in character.
  18. In case you didn’t know, Moms is the “baby-whisperer.”
  19. 2004 General Election, watched until 1AM, both went to bed, both tried to “sneak” back out around 3AM and bumped into one another. Awesome night.
  20. Her Carrot Cake. To.die.for.
  21. Her ability to trust me.
  22. Her ability to admit past faults.
  23. Her sweet voice singing me to sleep.
  24. Early mornings crawling into bed with Mom and a book.
  25. Field trips to Kinnett Dairy-0h yes, Columbus folks, kickin’ old school.
  26. Christmas stockings! Mom does the best stockings.
  27. Her gracefulness that she passed on to me. (Please note the sarcasm dripping from every word.)
  28. I love the fact that she was able to be preggers for 14 years. Really.
  29. “Do you always call thinking that I have nothing to do but talk to you, Theresa?” (Uh…the answer to that is yes, by the way.)
  30. The voicemail that is still on my phone from 2006 of Mom singing “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fa-a-ll, all ya got to do is caalll, and I’ll be there to see you again…”
  31. The way she has a fit every.single.time. I get a haircut. Even a trim.
  32. Her renewed vigor for photo documentation of everything we do.
  33. The way she loves Dad.
  34. The way she puts her hand over her mouth when she laughs.
  35. Her fly by the seat of her pants mentality.
  36. Her appreciation of items from the past.
  37. The way she always knows when something is wrong, even when I say everything is fine.
  38. The way she reassured me that I wasn’t crazy when I freaked over turning 20 and said she did the same thing.
  39. “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so…” over and over and over again.
  40. The time she made Shepherd’s Pie and it was so bad she wouldn’t even give it to the dog.
  41. Her love of reading.
  42. The way we start packing for super long trips the night before we leave.
  43. The calm way she guides us through places we have never been before (i.e. Disney World, Boston, D.C., etc…)
  44. The way she now knows Orlando the way she knows Columbus.
  45. The way she can pick the alto part out of every song.
  46. Her ability to make any type of birthday cake we want (Strawhats, teapots, rainbows, lion faces, swim pool scenes…)
  47. Her adaptation of a big “Southern-Texas” breakfast. (Tortillias, salsa, refried beans, yummmm.)
  48. The way she mourns each child’s absence, even if there are 7 still left at home.
  49. “That’s stupid, Theresa. Really stupid…”
  50. “If they lined up all the 22 year-olds in the world and told me to pick, I would still pick you.”

If they lined up all the 50 year-olds in the world and told me to pick, I would still pick you, Moms!  Congrats on half a century! Love you!