I’m a Mexican and I am a Republican: An open letter to Harry Reid

Dear Sen. Harry Reid,

It is with all due respect that I ask you this question: Have you lost your mind?

As someone of Hispanic descent, with grandparents who were from Mexico, and as a Republican, I am confused by your statement that you don’t understand how anyone of Hispanic descent could be a Republican. It’s easy really.

As an Hispanic-American citizen-one who was born here-I am all for sharing this country of ours with anyone who wants to come here legally, become a citizen, pay taxes, and learn to speak our primary language; English.  Immigration is a wonderful thing and I believe that it is one of the many aspects of our country that makes it so great.  All of us have family members who came here from other parts of the world at some point in our family tree.  Why? Because America has so much to offer.  “Land of the free, home of the brave,” we are still a beacon of light to millions around the world. It is our democratic society that offers freedom of speech and religion, the right to bear arms, speedy trial by a jury of peers, election of governing officials by the people, and the idea that all men are created equally that bring millions to America. It’s small government and the “American Dream” of working to make something of yourself and being able to enjoy the fruit of that labor that brings people to the U.S. of A..

And that is why thousands come here illegally through border states from Mexico on a daily basis. But that does not make it right. As a Hispanic-American, I do not support the illegal immigration of people from anywhere in the world. Everyone should have to go through the same process. And Mexicans are no exception. I support Gov. Jan Brewer’s immigration legislation and understand her frustration with the Obama administration. How can you argue with her statement “If the federal government isn’t doing their job, someone has to”?

I could say to a crowd of mothers “I don’t understand how anyone who is a mother could be Democrat because Democrats are ok with abortion.”  And I could say to a group of small business owners “I don’t understand how anyone who is a small business owner could be a Democrat because Democrats want to take away the money that you make in your business as fast as you make it.”And yet, how could I do that when there are so many more issues than that one that make up the Democratic party? To lump all the people of one particular group together and stereo-type them on one issue is not the American way.

There are many issues that Republicans and Democrats differ on. And yet, I am so glad that there is a difference of opinion because it is yet another item that we can add to the list of what makes America so great.

Sen. Reid, I am of Hispanic descent and I am a Republican. How do ya like them apples?


Theresa Garcia