Ah, History.

I am a history geek.  Note that I said “geek” and not “buff”.  My brother, Jess, is the history buff.  He knows everything about everything.  And I love it.  We have similar favorites when it comes to the various eras. We both love the Revolutionary Period and WW2 era.

Something I have begun to really love and take interest in is the history of my hometown; Columbus, Georgia.  Home of the creation of Coca-Cola, the Springer Opera House, Ma Rainey’s house, and situated right across the river from Phenix City, formally known as “Sin City”, home of the mob, Columbus is rich with history. 

A few years ago, journalist Tim Chitwood did a story about the Columbus Stockade. However, he used video to tell the story.  Chitwood’s use of black and white video and musical words make this a really interesting watch.  Everybody’s got four minutes…take a gander.

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