Happy 21st, Eliza B. Mason!

There are way more than 21 reasons why I love Eliza Mason, but in honor of her 21st birthday, I am going to give the top 21. Get ready. This is going to be epic.

  1. She is Eliza. There is no one like her.
  2. Her music taste has broadened my horizons.
  3. She is a voice of reason for my, oh so, unreasonable self.
  4. She is my across the street neighbor and I love that.
  5. Weeds.
  6. Her desire to kick tail for me.
  7. The way she shares her family with me.
  8. Her spontaneity.
  9. Her sense of humor.
  10. The way she loves Mason.
  11. The way she loves me.
  12. Her listening skills are excellent.
  13. Her photography skills are killer.
  14. Her ability to just be.
  15. Her sports knowledge.
  16. Her imparting that knowledge to me.
  17. “…wait! We should bake cookies!”
  18. Her love of flea markets.
  19. The way she truly cares for her Mexicans.
  20. Her passion for what she believes in.
  21. The way we can agree to disagree, appreciating our differences.

Love you, Miss ‘Liza! Happy Birthday!