Just saying goodbye…

Dear Uncle Jimmy,

Have I every told you how much I admire how you continued to educate yourself and rise above the culture you were born into? Have I ever told you how much your encouragement meant to me? And the stories. I loved the stories you shared about Papaw and Manuela and Dad. Dad isn’t so good at sharing stories sometimes. He doesn’t remember Manuela all that well, but you…you do. “Mom would always…” That was the cue to settle in and listen.

I have vivid memories of being at your house when I was little. Good food. Playing the piano. Also, funerals. Garcias are good at those. Again, great food. Games. Good catch up time. And the tamales. Ah! I know I keep going back to the food, but again, we are so good at that. Aunt Gertie always made the best gumbo. Wouldn’t really think that would be up her ally, but whoa!

I also would like to say that you have kept us laughing today. I guess when you know your time is super short, you can say whatever you want. And I am so glad you did. You are a funny, funny man. And I appreciate that about you.

I know where you are and I know I’ll see you again. But we miss you already.

Love you so much. See you later.