Richard Smith to the rescue!

Georgia House Rep. Richard Smith sent an email yesterday outlining the issues on the ballot for the general election which is 33 days away. Don’t know what they are or what they mean? Rep. Smith to the rescue!

Please be aware there are 5 initiatives placed on the ballot in the November general election. The order in which they appear are as follows:

House Resolution 178

HR 178 passed the House 152-3 and the Senate 49-0. It authorizes the General Assembly to permit courts to ensure that employment agreements are enforced only to the extent that is reasonable under the circumstances in which they were made.

Currently, all but eight states allow some form of the review powers provided by HR 178. In order to attract businesses to Georgia and to keep them here as well as to provide clear and consistent guidelines for employees and employers alike, we must allow courts the ability to ensure the reasonableness of employment agreements.

Senate Resolution 277

SR 277 passed the Senate 46-2 and the House 149-14. It is a trauma care funding bill which places an additional $10 fee placed on your license tag and vehicle registration payments. The revenues created by the fee will be deposited in the trauma care trust fund to be allocated by the Georgia General Assembly.

Georgia’s trauma care system is in desperate need of a source of funding. This funding mechanism will ensure that Georgia can  maintain a reliable trauma care network.

Senate Resolution 821

SR 821 passed the Senate 43-9 and the House 160-2. It is a transportation bill whose intent is to allow the Department of Transportation the ability to enter into multi-year construction contracts without having to obligate the total amount of the funds in a yearly budget. Instead, the Department of Transportation may extend a contract on a yearly basis which allows them to dedicate only the necessary funds for that term period. A contract of this nature, however, cannot last longer than 10 years.

Georgia’s economic growth is directly correlated to the expansion and modernization of its transportation infrastructure. This measure gives the Department of Transportation the ability to start multiple projects within their budget allocations in order to maximize that growth. A failure to pass this resolution would limit the number of projects the Department of Transportation can begin and maintain.

Senate Resolution 1231

SR 1231 passed the Senate 48-0 and the House 154-2. It authorizes state government entities to enter multi-year contracts for energy efficiency or conservation improvement projects.

Our government should examine ways and programs that conserve energy. This amendment gives those entities the ability to examine all conservation possibilities and greater flexibility to engage those options.

House Resolution 136

HR 136 passed the House 166-0 and the Senate 46-6. This bill removes the requirement that real property be located “on an island” prior to the owner filing a certificate to remove it from an industrial area, and be annexed by an adjacent city.

This referendum involves a local issue in Garden city, Ga. Because it was established many years ago under a “local constitutional amendment’, a practice the General Assembly no longer utilizes, a constitutional amendment is needed to annex the land parcel in question.

For more information, go to the Georgia General Assembly website and plug in the House or Senate Resolution you are interested in. The full resolution will appear.