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This was sent to news media over the weekend from the Mike Keown Campaign.


(Albany, GA) – In the most recent release of outlandish attacks from the Bishop campaign, Congressman Sanford Bishop has accused Mike Keown of balancing the state budget, something that all state legislators must do in order to abide with the state’s constitutional amendment. During the toughest economic recession since the Great Depression, Georgia has seen a decline in revenues of over $3.8 billion, a 20% decrease, in just the last two years. Mike Keown has made the hard decision to operate within the budget, live within the state’s means, and cut wasteful spending, even furloughing himself on a number of occasions. “Sanford Bishop could take this opportunity to learn a thing or two from Mike Keown about fiscal responsibility. Since Congressman Bishop was elected to office, the United States deficit has increased exponentially from a little over $255 billion to over $1.47 trillion since 1993,” said Andrew O’Shea, Mike Keown’s Campaign Manager. “Sanford Bishop should take a good look at his own record of reckless and wasteful spending before he attempts to muddy the waters surrounding Mike Keown’s proven conservative record.” The most recent attacks from the Bishop campaign come only two days after Sanford Bishop was a ‘yea’ vote for adjournment (HR 321), allowing one of the largest tax hikes in United States history to occur by not extending the Bush tax cuts. Sanford Bishop recently came out in support among 46 of his democrat colleagues in extending the Bush tax cuts. “The true question remains: Is Congressman Bishop more interested in staying the course which he supposedly supports by doing the people’s work in DC to avoid the biggest tax hike in our nation’s history, or is he more interested in attempting to remain an elected official and returning to the district to campaign?”


Mike Keown is a common sense conservative running for Georgia’s 2nd congressional district seat. Mike is the pastor of Coolidge Memorial Baptist Church, has served as Mayor of Coolidge, was a member of the Thomas County School Board from 1990-2004, and has been a member of the Georgia House of Representatives since 2005.


Andrew O’Shea

Campaign Manager

Mike Keown for Congress

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