Nope, It Ain’t True…Theresa’s Story.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard whisperings and rumors that people believe that I am the creator of “The Truth About Teresa” site. This morning, I was given the opportunity to respond to the rumors via an accusation made by the candidate’s campaign. I was approached because of accusations made last night after the MidTown Candidate Forum and asked to respond.

Nope, it ain’t true…

I am not the creator, writer, or a contributor of the blog “The Truth About Teresa.” The site has provided interesting conversations over coffee and dinner and Columbus writers have written about the anonymous blog on numerous occasions. I am one of the bloggers who has written ABOUT that site and many others, including Peach Pundit, RedState, the AJC, etc. I have a site of my own,, which I welcome you to visit and search.

After being contacted by a local media source that I was being accused of heading up this insignificant site, I felt the need to respond. It is disheartening that someone who is seeking the office of mayor would allow her staff to make accusations without proof or evidence of any kind. The accusations made by this individual’s campaign stating that I am involved in the site against this candidate are patently false.  If she is standing by her statements that the issues explored by TTAT are false, then why is she still so focused on it? A true leader dismisses the petty and deals with the issues. I fail to see that characteristic in this particular candidate.

As a paid employee of two campaigns, a state senate campaign and a congressional campaign, I am not, nor have I, worked for a local campaign in this election cycle.  My time is very much occupied and I have no time to volunteer, much less work for anyone other than my two current employers.  In addition, I am the chairman of the Muscogee County Young Republicans, the Treasurer for the Georgia Young Republicans, and the Assistant Secretary for the 3rd Congressional District. In an election cycle, my focus is spent on party races, not non-partisan races.

Proverbs 22:1 states that a good name is more desirable than riches. I have worked hard to establish an environment within the local Young Republican that is friendly to these non-partisan races while encouraging our members to vote conservatively. To have my name mentioned in such slanderous terms is incensing.

With the above in mind, it is my hope that the whispers, rumors, and outright accusations are put to rest so that actions reaching further than a written rebuttal are not needed.