Why I don’t Early Vote

I used to early vote. And then I made a few bad decisions that I wish I could have changed. During the July primary, I was the 4th person to vote when the polls opened for early voting in Musocogee County in June. But a few weeks later, I was regretful of my choices in several races. I felt mildly redeemed when my sisters, parents, and several friends asked me how to vote. I felt that it cancelled out my vote. But it didn’t. We all have one vote. We have one opportunity to cast our vote. And I acted too quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why both parties push for folks to early vote. They want as many people to get to the polls as possible. But it almost feels like cheating. Why make it easy for people to do what is not-though often mistaken for-a God-given right. Voting is a privilege. It’s a gift that was bought and paid for with blood, tears, and sweat. It is something that should be taken seriously and with much thought.

With this in mind, I have waited and will head to the polls first thing on Tuesday morning! Happy Voting!

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  1. Nathan Steal says:

    The campaign last for months, the voting window lasts for a few weeks, I think you’re being too sentimental.


  2. Seth says:

    You scare me at times….lol. Beth and I did vote early only because with 2 kids its so hard to get it done on election day. Took 15 minutes for both of us on Friday. Our kids even participated and we have tried to educate them on the process and the blood shed to keep it in place.

    I debated many times over going on Friday but then decided I had researched as much as I could and barring one of my picks dying or doing something crazy on Halloween I would be ok with my decision.

    I dont think I have ever been this excited before but I know its because I have never been this involved before. Local elections will have an impact on the CPO and I can feel the pressure, almost over except for the runoffs.


  3. Early Voter says:

    I voted early, but not until this weekend. Wanted to know as much as I good to make an informed decision, but still be certain of voting without having to worry about election-day timeframes.

    Enjoy your postings, but just wondering — why no pick for Mayor on the ‘ballot’ post??


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