On Being Thankful.

I see a lot of folks doing this “Thankful Challenge” thing and I am a little late to the game, but I want to jump on board.

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Crack Dip- Emily Brannon made this divine dip that is super easy to put together and I made wayyyy too much for Steeplechase so there is a bowl of it sitting in the fridge and I have been munching since Saturday night. I’ll post the recipe later.
  2. Opportunities to grow- My new “front page” gig at Peach Pundit is super exciting to a political junkie/nerd like myself. I am thankful to be on the PP team.
  3. The ability to run- I am about to take off for a run and I am super excited about that. I love running and I am getting back into the swing of it now that life is calming down a bit. I am so grateful that God gave me my father’s love of running.
  4. A mother who is the queen of the English language- She always takes the time to proof-read and let me know what I need to fix.
  5. Ice- My dad will stroke if he reads this, but I just love crunching on ice. And I have a freezer box full if it. And I am crunching right now.
  6. Phone conversations with Sarah Ann- She just cracks me up and I love hearing all about Georgia Tech.
  7. Sunday morning Cracker Barrel Breakfast with the Manpanion- I love our routine of reading the Ledger, the AJC, and the New York Times while we drink cup after cup of black coffee.
  8. YouTube- It’s just kinda awesome. We love going back and forth playing music that the other has never heard.
  9. Black and White movies- There’s something lovely about them that makes them hard to turn off.
  10. The $2.50 popcorn bucket- $2.50 for popcorn at the movies…do I have to say more?

More tomorrow.