Morning Joe, Manicures, and More…

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Morning Joe-Love the balance they have going on and the round table discussion.
  2. Manicures- I still haven’t used the gift certificate that Mego gave us for being in the wedding. Headed that way today.
  3. Books- I love the way they smell, the way the pages sound when you turn them, and the way the black and white leaps off the page in glorious Technicolor…dramatic, yes?
  4. Morning Light-It’s the purest light of the day, soft and sweet, creeping in through my blinds as if to say “Morning, T!”
  5. Phone calls from Alton- I love my conversations with Alton Russell. His wit and humor make me laugh and he is always right…right, Alton?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Baker says:

    Kudos on your #1 pick there. Just about every day as I work on my website, I watch Morning Joe. It’s funny you mention the balance, I was reading on Twitter the other day someone had sent Scarbro a message about why it was always 6 or 7 libs to the one conservative. Even though it is like that, it does come across as pretty balanced. Scarbro said that was the only way to make it fair. Certainly part of that is due to Scarbro’s arguing ability but also I think it’s because the conservative argument is the logical one that doesn’t require mental gymnastics to get to.


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