The Manpanion: the Man, the Myth, the Legend.

Today I am thankful for my Manpanion. What is a “Manpanion” you ask? A Manpanion is a man who is a life companion. He enjoys movies and dinners, reading and talking, trips to Pine Mountain for a day of Antiquing, and the day-to-day activities of life with a short, brown-eyed, Mexican chick.

Never in my life have I met someone who so closely mirrors myself and yet is opposite at the same time. We share a deep love for books, antiques, old movies, public service, politics, and people.  And, in contrast to my flair for the dramatic, uptight nature, and refusal to go along with change, he is calm, cool, and collected in most every situation. Logical, even-tempered, and methodical, each is handled with equal calmness.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, he says. And I breathe deeply and begin working through the situation in my head methodically. Day after day, through good and bad, we conquer each day, one newspaper and cup of coffee at a time.

After eight months I know that he loves fried chicken and unsweetened tea, dislikes the words “Stupid” and “Pissed”, has the work ethic of a saint, loves his mother like no other, adores his children, is a news junkie and a email hoarder like me, rarely becomes angry, and never loses his temper. I have also become accustomed to his decorating style, his dinner preferences, his need for order, and the fact that partially open drawers irritate him.  The Manpanion is always good for a date to the Symphony, a good run, and a trip to JudyBugs during lunch.

I am not the domestic type and my need for order is far less…uhh…prevalent…than his, although I know when he reads this he is going to laugh and ask, “What need for order?” We differ in our standards of “clean” and yet, I find that I can domesticate just enough to get the house in just enough order to convince him to go to a concert or take me to dinner.

Today I am thankful for “regular” life; dishes and laundry, vacuuming, dinner preparation, grocery shopping, and dry cleaning. I’m grateful for my Manpanion and all the little things he does for me; chocolate on “bad” days, loaning me the keys to the Tahoe, and feeding me when the bank account gets low.  I’m grateful for someone to bounce ideas off of and hear the “devil’s advocate” side of every argument. His wit and creativity make for a lovely balance in my life.

You may laugh at the term (Manpanion) and think I’m just a silly Mexican with quirky likes and modes of comfort, but you know you all wish you had a Manpanion too…