The Turkey in all it’s Glory!

My mother did a spectacular job with the turkey this year. We usually cook the turkey upside-down so that all the juices flow to the breast, making for a deliciously tender fowl. But it was even better this year with butter and garlic and other seasonings. It was literally falling off the bone as Dad was carving.

We did do it the humane way and buy the turkey already dead and frozen…unlike the Columbians who get drunk WITH their turkey-yes, the turkey gets drunk too-and then they kill it after they have played with it all day and eat it. Apparently, Martha Stewart does the same thing.

Mom's Awesome Fowl

We had a Paula Deen Thanksgiving Dinner-meaning everything on the table was Paula Deen inspired including the bird and pretty much every other dish on the table; mashed potatoes, dressing, biscuits, brocoli and cheese casserole, sweet potato souffle, and celery with Fresh Market Paminto Cheese. Yummmmyyyy.

T and Mom

I’m not biased at all, but my mom is pretty awesome and she cooks a mean Thanksgiving lunch.