On Moving, Painting, and Walls that Belong in Magazines.

Recently-and by recently, I mean last week-I helped the Manpanion move. After a week of painting and moving boxes, couches, tables, and mounds of blue jeans, I now have arm muscles.

My favorite part of the process has been watching everything come together. The entire house is a tan color with certain walls chosen to sport a deep chocolate brown. One of my favorite walls is in the living room and there are really no words to describe how wicked awesome it is. So, I’ll show you. You have to see what it was to appreciate what it is…



Wall Piece...

See? The loveseat was acquired in an estate auction, the wall piece was purchased by the Manpanion’s sister at a garage sale, the table is made entirely from items recovered during the second renovation of the Springer Opera House, and the rotary phone was his mother’s. I am completely in love with this wall and could stare at it all day. It really does belong in a magazine-and I am not biased at all.

More home improvement posts to come…

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