The Joy’s of a “Grown-Up” Christmas

Caroline and I are sharing our first Christmas in our little MidTown apartment. I have had several Christmas trees of my own, but it is so much more fun with a sister.

When we went to pick out our tree, I was all in favor of getting a smaller tree that was less expensive. However, Caroline was convinced that we needed a taller tree-one where we needed to stretch to put the topper on. (For those of you who think I am dramatic, you need to meet Caroline.) We went with the rest of our family to Grantham’s on Auburn Avenue to get our tree. They had a fantastic selection and reasonable prices. We found the perfect tree and took it home immediately where it sat against a wall for almost a week before we got a stand.

Photo by Eliza Mason

I had this sweet idea that I would cook one night and we would decorate and enjoy the experience. Wrong. With a sister who works shifts, it was virtually impossible to find a night when we were both going to be home. And so we chose an afternoon. That didn’t work either. Work got in the way again. So, Jess (our brother) put the tree on the stand. After he went home and I waited over an hour for Caroline, I put the lights on and put a few ornaments up, just for effect.

Photo by Eliza Mason

I left Caroline’s ornaments out for her to put on the tree. Eliza (one of the best friends) came over to chit-chat and took some photos. I did make chili and it was enjoyed by the Manpanion.

Overall, not quite the event I had dreamt out in my head, but the tree is up, the chili was eaten, and Caroline gets to take the tree down. Muahahaha.