Ride on Bikes-Columbus, Georgia

Jason McKenzie, Buddy Nelms, and Byron Thornton opened Ride on Bikes opened in April, 2003 in Downtown Columbus. A young bike shop, they fit right in with the new look of our new hipster area.

A fantastic shop with friendly faces makes Ride on Bikes one of the coolest shops to visit and “probably the best bike shop in the world.”

We are in the cycling industry for several reasons. First of all, we all enjoy riding. Second, we understand how healthy cycling can be for others and how good it is for our environment. We enjoy coming to work each day and it shows when you walk into our doors. We take pride in our top brands and large inventory, so the chances of finding your bike are very high. We carry Specialized, Trek, Electra, Gary Fisher, MirraCo, Orbea, and many more.

Jason McKenzie prides himself on his bike expeditions which take the crew all over the world, experiencing the best that the Cycling World has to offer. Trips to Colorado, Utah, California, Vegas, Germany, and Switzerland make these guys the best around. These trips are kind of like continuing education as the guys are in classes and riding the whole time. And in an industry that is so fast paced, having experts right down the street is a plus.

The biking world is a larger than one might think. In 2009, the U.S. Bicycle Industry sold over $5.6 billion in bikes and equipment. An estimated 10.2 million bikes were sold in the United States last year. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, 38.1 million Americans, age 7 and older, have ridden a bike at least 6 times or more in 2009. While New York boasts the highest number of cyclists, growing by a whopping 26% last year, it is a trend that is growing all over the country.

In addition to top of the line bikes, Ride on Bikes has name-brand bike apparel, energy bars, and a full repair shop in the back. McKenzie is the only Fit-Tech in the area, meaning he has been trained to help you find the perfect bike for you. And the way the industry works, the only place in Columbus that the brands listed above can only be found is at Ride on Bikes.

One of the things that I love about local businesses is the community that it creates, especially when it’s something as specialized as Ride on Bikes. Their Christmas Party was a perfect example of the community that the guys have created. With two bikes hooked up to a computer, folks competed in a tournament to see who was the fastest. A great mix of kids and adults, the young and the old…er, the cool guys and the nerds, and a few folks who wondered over from other Christmas parties, coupled with great food from Below the Loft, it’s obvious that Ride on Bikes has it going on.

Another cool service provided by Ride on Bikes is the $10-a-day Bike Rental. Want to spend a day downtown and on the RiverWalk with an easy way to get around? Rent a bike from the guys for a cool $10. What a deal!

These guys are so good, they’ve almost convinced the girl who, the last time she got on a bike, fell off three times and ran into a parked car, to get back on a bike. Plus, she would look really cool in the bike apparel that keeps eyeing every time she goes into the shop. (Disclaimer-this girl may or may not be me.)

Ride on Bikes is exactly what Columbus needs. And if you are looking for that extra gift to put under the tree, Jason, Buddy, and Byron have exactly what you need. Whether you are an avid cyclist or a beginner, these guys are the ones to talk to.

1036 Broadway

Columbus, GA 31901

Phone: 706-324-1132