It Really is a Wonderful Life…

I am a fan of tradition. Not a huge fan of change. I get comfortable and I like things to stay the same. In a world that is constantly changing, it is so nice to have a family that appreciates tradition.

After a wonderful day filled with the perfect Christmas-Thank you, Manpanion-the Garcias’ gathered for our traditional Christmas Eve meal of Boston Butt and other yummy goodness. But we had to wait on Dad who was down the street with an older neighbor. Dad and our neighbor have become very good friends. When the neighbor’s wife died earlier this year, the neighbor moved away. But he came back-his house is still for sale- to spend Christmas with his wife and son. Both are buried here in Columbus. He said that after 56 years of spending Christmas with them, he wasn’t going to stop now. An independent man, to say the least, he declined Dad’s invitation to dinner and a sleepover at our house. As Dad relayed the visit to us, a realization swept over me of how blessed I truly am. I am surrounded by siblings and parents who love me and friends-new and old- who’s company I enjoy greatly. 

This year, I am grateful for the change that has occurred. I am grateful for new friends who have become so dear, my new roommate (Caroline), the Manpanion’s new home, new passions, and new life directions. While some of these were terrifying in process, the new routine is wonderful.

This Christmas I am grateful that God and sinners have reconciled, the eclectic community of family and friends that love me, the roof over my head, the food on the table, and the knowledge that while it is a very small portion of life, there are some things that never change.

The true meaning behind Christmas is love. And I have way more than I deserve.