Where’s my truck…eh?

Was it the new ice at the Civic Center that attracted our Northern neighbors and their stolen U-Haul van? Maybe. You know those Canadians and their affection for the frozen water. Police say the stolen 1993 vehicle was in good condition when they found it on Williams Road and returned it to the Columbus U-Haul folks.

As a Mexican-American, I have to say I am somewhat offended that those NORTH of the Border think it’s O.K. to tread on my territory.  There’s only so much room to roam. The Canadians need to stick to Seattle, Missoula, and Bismark. I’ll keep Columbus, Miami, and New Orleans.

Can you imagine showing up at your construction site and your job has been stolen by someone who ends every single sentence with a question mark? Dad-blame Canadians trying to come over to America and steal jobs from hard working Mexicans. That’s our job…geesh.

I like to think that the Canadian/Mexican showdown would look something like this: