The Smart Society and my resolve to be dumber in 2011.

It’s all the buzz. 2010 was the year we quit talking to each other. From email to texting, iPads to iPods, Blackberries to Dorids, we are a society-not a generation-immersed in technology. You hear stories of parents texting their kids to come downstairs to dinner, kids texting each other from across the room, or worse yet, while sitting next to each other. Communication is not the issue. We communicate, perhaps, better than ever before. But we have lost the art-and yes, I believe it is now an art-of face to face communication that involves eye-contact.

Family and friends will tell you that I am horrific when it comes to my phone. It is almost always on my person and it is never off. I am very good about having it on vibrate, so noise is rarely an issue. Maybe it’s the 17 months that I spent on the campaign trail that causes me to be so addicted to my crackberry. I remember going into the Verizon Wireless Tech store to get an update for my phone because it was giving me the white screen of death only to be told that it was going to take about two hours for the software update to be complete. I was in the middle of an election-cycle with 2 weeks to go before our state primary. These people had lost their minds if they thought I could be without a phone for 20 minutes, let alone two hours. So, I left the store only to be frustrated by how slowly my phone was working. I got a new one on Veterans Day (November) and have few problems.

Because I have no home phone, I do keep my cell on all night long in the event of an emergency, but I have gotten to a point where I check it at the door and, usually, it is on vibrate. Yes, I miss calls this way, but I have begun to wonder when we got to a point that we have to be reachable 24/7. Even my parents, who both despise my use of my phone, despise even more the times when I don’t answer my phone when the call. And the texting. Oh my, how my parents hate when I text. Even when I was managing a campaign, my constant emailing and texting was horrifying to them.

In our “Smart Society” with technology that is obsolete before we can even begin to understand it completely, I resolve to be “dumber” this year. I resolve to either pick up the phone and dial a number or go have a face to face conversation instead of texting or emailing. I resolve to check the phone at the door and dare to miss calls and listen to voicemails. I resolve not to jump every time I hear the buzzzzzz of the phone and finish the task at hand. I resolve to read more and watch less of my beloved NetFlix.

We’ll see how this goes…