News Flash: Cruise Control Does Not Work at 15MPH.

We just kept commenting on how clear and cold it looked as we drove up 185 to Atlanta. Conversation flowed and we made good time to the Gold Dome; 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It was a little colder and a lot windier when we parked next to the Georgia Freight Depot and walked over. I’m pretty sure my legs only stung because I had the seat warmer on and had heat blowing on my legs. The temperature difference was a bit much.

Inside we were greeted by friends, new and old, and after about an hour and a half of networking, we made our way over to Max Lager’s. I didn’t realize that it was snowing, much less coming down in sheets, until Matt Fuentez opened the door to reveal the Snowpacalypse on the streets of Downtown Atlanta. Whoops. I glanced at the Manpanion who assured me we were fine and then I continued eating my delicious calzone and drinking my Golden Max Lager. Another 30 minutes go by and the Manpanion wanders over to the door to look out again. A grin tells me that he is ready to get on the road. We pay and go. After we take a picture, of course.

Then, I held on for dear life as we walked down the frozen sidewalk, me in heels (really stupid, folks) and the Manpanion laughing. Time of laughter: 9PM.

And then we hit the road. We’re still laughing. Phone calls coming in and out. Checking in with folks. Moving slow, but honestly, that Tahoe is so great I only felt the bad stuff a couple of times. But I digress. I’m getting ahead of myself.


Note the guy on the right letting air out of his tires to give him better traction.


It was about the time we got off the side streets and on the interstate that we realized that this was going to be one heck of a ride. Not being able to see the lane dividers was one indication. Another was the bumper to bumper traffic. Our thought that no one would be on the roads was an incorrect one. Police cars everywhere, people in and out of vehicles, it was kinda crazy. 10 MPH was our speed for a good long while.

The 18 wheeler you will notice in the picture above is not the one that gave us a scare, but it serves it’s purpose for telling you the next part of the story. **Mom, read the next part at your own risk.** An 18 wheeler that was probably a little closer than the one that appears in the picture began to slide back toward us. The entire time I am holding my breath and the Manpanion is praying “Jesus, keep him away from us. Don’t let him come over.” This happened twice. And if they weren’t sliding past us, they were zooming past us which caused me to gasp every time and cause the Manpanion to start the habit of getting as far away from them as possible as soon as he noticed them coming up.

Then, we’re plugging along at our lovely speed of 10mph and I see a car in a ditch and I swear to you that I thought someone was still inside. So, being with Mr. Law Enforcement, we pull over under the overpass and with a strict warning to stay inside, the Manpanion gets out and runs down the hill to check. About two minutes later, a Fire and EMS truck show up. Together they find that there is no one in the car and everyone gets back on the road.

It’s about 10PM. We’re still driving. Very slowly. And we continue to drive slowly all the way home. There were a couple of times when we were just spinning or the back end decided to do it’s own thing, but again, I could only feel that happen a few times.

1AM, four hours after we left the big city, and safe in Muscogee County. Crazy adventure. Maybe wouldn’t do it again, but sure wouldn’t have done it with anyone else. The Manpanion keeps saying the Tahoe was so great-and we are both in agreement that God was watching over us-but I think we had a pretty great driver.