The Chicks are in the Pen…

Ever since the Manpanion moved to the Country, he has been talking about getting chickens. And so, the chickens have been got. 7 of them. And let me say, it’s probably one of the neatest things I have ever experienced. I could just watch them for hours.

Getting them was an adventure all to itself. The pen had to be cleaned out and then we went up to Hamilton Feed and Seed where the Manpanion proceeded to barter with the owner getting her down from $15 a chicken to $12.50 and she threw one in for free. Still not sure how that happened, but there are 5 chickens in the pen. We put them in cardboard boxes, stuck the boxes in the backseat of the truck, and got them home. I hid behind the camera while the Manpanion let them out.I’ve gotten braver, kicking one who may or may not be a Rooster, because s/he kept pecking at my feet. Fowl beast. (ha.ha.ha.)

Releasing the Fowls...

I have to say, it’s pretty neat to say “I’ll go feed the chickens” or “I’ll get the eggs.” There were two eggs on day 2 both caused a considerable amount of excitement. After about two weeks there have been over 30 eggs. We have got to start giving these things away…

And while we aren’t going to eat the chickens, we are enjoying the eggs in all forms; scrambled, over medium, over easy, hard boiled, and in sandwiches.

The simple life ain’t too bad.

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