Never Let Them Walk Alone

Over the past few weeks it seems as if it is a daily occurrence to hear of officers killed in the line of duty. The national officer fatality rate went up by 30% in 2010. Men and women all over this world, not just in our country, dedicate their lives to their communities serving as Police officers, Sheriff’s deputies, and Marshall’s deputies. They don their various uniforms and badges and they patrol our neighborhoods and streets to fight for us, for our safety. And they make this choice voluntarily. They choose to enter into situations like this one:

This happened right here in Columbus, Georgia. This isn’t something that happened on the opposite side of the country or even in a neighboring state. This happened right here in our hometown. These are OUR officers. These are the men and women who protect US, in OUR neighborhoods, on OUR streets.

In this case, the officers were able to subdue the man and no one was injured. But every situation doesn’t have an ending like this one. These men and women are trained to react to the actions of others and while the vast majority of us will watch this video and others like it, applauding those involved for a job well done, there are those who are watching and looking for mistakes to use against Law Enforcement and portray the events as wrong-doing on the part of the officers involved.

These men and women fight for us and it’s our turn to fight for them. The local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has put together a letter for our Mayor and City Council members to consider as they put together the 2011 budget. While we pick and choose which programs to cut, what fat to trim, and which departments to leave at a standstill, let’s remember that our Law Enforcement agencies and those who serve in those agencies are not the ones to include.

The motto of the FOP Auxiliary is “Never Let Them Walk Alone.” They never abandon us. Why should we abandon them?