DIY Valentines in a Pinch

Are you one of those people who is scrambling at the last-minute to figure out what you are going to do for your sweetie tomorrow? No worries, I am here to help.  It’s the though that counts, but if you are going to go all Do-It-Yourself, you better be doing a lot of thinking.  You’ve got 24 hours until tomorrow morning. Try these simple, but sweet ideas to help pull the day off.

  • Post-Its- Everyone loves a post-it with some sweet words. Put one on the bathroom mirror before your significant other gets up. Then put one on their steering wheel before they head to work. Don’t over think the words. Simple works. “I Love You.” “Be Mine-Meet me for lunch?”
  • Lunch- Can’t make it out on Valentines Night for dinner? Still meet for lunch and greet them with a card.
  • Flowers-Guys, this one’s for you. It’s the day before, no florist is going to deliver for you tomorrow morning, but you can stop by Ann’s Porch, Lewis Jones, Publix, Albrights, or your friendly wholesale florist just behind 13th Street on Midway. Take them to lunch with you or bring them home.
  • Watch a Blockbuster hit-Here’s your chance for redemption after you forgot to get tickets to Valen Tango at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Grab a bottle of wine, some chocolate, maybe some strawberries, a gallon of ice cream and a good romantic movie. Whether you have to wait until the kids are in bed or you have the luxury of digging into your dinner or wine and ice cream right away, this is your moment.

The random phone call in the middle of the afternoon just to say hi or I love you (or both), not forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning, or simply making the bed before you head off to work all say I love you. Remember, you don’t have to over think it and you don’t have to add to Hallmark’s revenue. Whether you love the holiday or hate it, it’s there and no one likes to be forgotten.

Let me know how it goes!