Getting Back in the Game…

It has been way too long since I picked up the proverbial pen and I can feel my creative juices leaving my body. Every movie or play I see, every magazine article, and Sunday New York Times leaves me feeling an odd mixture of emotions; sad, bewildered, puzzled, inspired, and-most of all-yearning for the “old” Theresa that wrote every day. The “old” Theresa had a lot to say and the freedom to say it.

I still have a lot to say, but the blog will look a little different from before and I’ll be writing on a variety of subjects. Sounds vague, yes? Frankly, you know as much as I do right now in terms of what I will be writing about, so it looks like we’ll be figuring it out together.

Here’s to figuring “it” out…whatever “it” turns out to be.

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  1. Beth Garvin aka other mother says:

    Can we give you suggestions for subject matter? Like, “why i can’t seem to break away from CSG and come visit my “other mother” . I know she misses me.


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