For the Love of Books…

One of my extreme guilty pleasures are books. Mostly old books. Almost always used books. And without a doubt Used Book Stores. There is something about the smell that draws me in and then there is this whole thought process that I can go through in about 5.3 seconds where I wonder who first bought this book and did they like, who did they loan it to, who owned it next, how many states did it travel, how many book shelves has it sat on, etc. The questions roll through my mind and it could really be classified as a mental disorder because once the questions start it is most likely that the book is going home with me.

The Book Lady Bookstore, Savannah, Georgia

My favorite local place to shop is JudyBugs on Broadway. Alek and Tommy take good care of me and understand my love of old books. Alek has a stack of books behind the counter that consists of books he just knows I will love and books that he knows just I will love. The latter makes me laugh even as I write it because it’s almost as if I view books as people. And maybe I do.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  ~Charles W. Eliot

I had the opportunity to visit some other stores this past weekend when I was in Savannah. The first one was gorgeous in site and set-up, but a little disappointing when it came to selection. Everything was new and it was all stuff I could have gotten in Columbus. (I rarely buy new books in physical form-it’s less expensive when I get it on my Nook and if I just have to have it, I get Alek to order it for me.) However, the next two were far more encouraging. 

Acme (on Skidaway Road) was not only a used bookstore, but a repair store for lawn care items. So while I am perusing the fiction section people are asking how long it will take to repair the blade on their weed eater. Hilarious combination, but whatever pays the bills, yes?

The pick of the day and the crown jewel of the trip, however, was The Book Lady (on E. Liberty). After searching for a few minutes and realizing that she operates on true “Savannah” time, I walked into what I can only describe as paradise. Hardwood floors, low ceilings, and soft lighting created an atmosphere that any lover of antiques, old books, and must and dust would fall in love with. Add shelves full of delightful subject matter-organized, but not to much-a staircase lined with books, and comfy chairs and you have made my day. As if all of this wasn’t good enough, she had stacks. Yes, I love stacks. I want them on the floor. I want them in chairs. I want them on tables. Stacks are fantastic places to find the books that others miss. Most of my favorite books come from stacks I find on the floor.

I probably could have moved into The Book Lady’s store, but I had to make myself stop and leave before I spent an ungodly amount of money.

Total Purchases (both Acme and The Book Lady)-

  • The Savannah Quartet- Eugenia Price
  • A County Chairman’s Report
  • Behind the Polls-The Life of a Politician
  •  The Elite Power
  • A 1st Edition Bobbsie Twin’s Book
  • A 1940’s Teen novel about skiing (can’t remember the name)
…all for the love of books.