“Safe Blogging”, Community Development, and the Body Politic.

Someone recently commented that, in their opinion, I have taken up “safe blogging.” And to a certain degree, I suppose I have. I no longer work in the political arena when it comes to “Party Politics.” I work in a non-partisan environment where political party is not the issue. Individuals and community are the issues. Columbus is my “party”, so to speak. And I am glad that it is this way. It is an honor to work in such a way that small business, big business, neighborhoods, and individual citizens can all come together and benefit in ways that are not driven by elephants or donkeys, but rather by economic development, better business opportunities, and community driven incentives.

Yes, I still love politics and I am following it all very closely. But, for now, my writing will take a more neutral tone and focus on our community and the finer (and simpler) things in life. Bear with me as I motivate myself to continue writing, searching for creative and entertaining subject matter. I love you, my audience, and I want you to continue to support me. Let me know what you are interested in! I want to cater to you!

With love and appreciation,