Roving Jesus Time

In words so sweet and comforting, Jesus has been calling to me for the last several days. Quiet time with Him seems harder and harder to find, yet He is creating a longing in me to be with Him. I understand that-once again-this is going to take discipline on my part. Truly creating time, even putting it on my calendar, it what is going to make this happen. That bothers me. It bothers me that my life has become so “busy” that I have to “pencil in” Jesus.

When I first got back from my month at Windy Gap in 2008 (OH MY GOSH THAT SEEMS SO LONG AGO!!!), I was so good about my quiet time. It was still habit. My early mornings were filled with scripture and reflective readings, prayer and songs of praise. As time went on, my schedule changed, my job changed, and my habits changed. Early mornings were filled with scheduling for my day and other people’s day and the last precious moments of sleep before I shot myself out of a rocket so I could hit the ground running.

One of the gems that I brought back from Windy Gap was my Blue Book. It has no real name; just The Blue Book. It is a devotional book that maps out your quiet time based on subject matter (very broad) and gives it to you a week at a time. It’s huge, it’s effective, and I love it. I have been using it a lot lately to guide me into productive and structured quiet times. Something I read the other day hit me like an ocean wave and I know without a doubt that Jesus was using it to give me peace. One of the reflective readings was about flexible Jesus time. It talked about how Jesus should (and does) weave in and out throughout our day. That He expects and longs for time with us and it is totally acceptable to keep a conversation going throughout the day. Quiet time doesn’t have to happen in the morning. It can happen on my lunch break, after dinner, first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night. It just needs to happen. The peace I find is that it can be/is a roving part of my day. I find it most helpful to have it as a part of my daily routine, as in it has a specific place in my day, but the important part is that it happens. I like to compare it to running. I find joy, anxiety relief, and peace when I run. I feel gross when I don’t do it. The same goes for quality time with Jesus. I feel gross when I don’t do it.

Today’s quiet time will happen after dinner. But my conversation with Jesus started around two o’clock this morning and it hasn’t stopped…

‎-My advice is that if you do not want to tap your feet, stay away from the jukebox. If you do not want to pray, do not go near prayer books. Once your heart had heard the music, it us happy only when it is dancing. -Robert Benson