Thursday’s Food Finds-

Food is almost always on my brain. I can’t help it (and the Manpanion is less than supportive when it comes to this subject). However, I get bored with the same ole’, same ole’. I get hooked on one thing, eat it for weeks, and then never want to see it again. The same way with restaurants; they get old if you eat at the same place every week, or order the same thing every time you go there. But that is most everyone, yes?

I compiled a list of foods I am hooked on and the places I love to go when I just don’t want to cook. This list could change next week, but…

  • Nutella. I am hooked. I literally eat it out of the container with a spoon. The Manpanion is not a fan which is good for me because it means he will leave it alone. I did get my mom hooked on it, but she says she is trying to stay away from the whole spoon/container thing. The best way to eat this delicious spread is on toasted bread first thing in the morning. It’s also yummy with strawberries. Or just on a spoon.
  • Fresh Salsa from Publix. I don’t know what it is about Publix’s salsa, but I literally ate a whole container on Sunday. Unfortunately, the Manpanion also loves salsa and chips. This creates an air of competition when we are eating. Ridiculous I know. But it’s like we have to race each other to the bottom of the bowl/bag.
  • Speakeasy. I feel like I always forget that Speakeasy is there and DELICIOUS. A turkey rider, the chicken sandwich, the pizza; yummy. And a beer. Usually. 
  • Blueberries. Of all the things that make the end of summer sad, blueberries are one of the things I will be most sad to see go. I have a bag in the fridge that I think I need to freeze for a gray winter day that needs a little summer zing.
  • Tomatoes. I could literally eat four in one sitting. A little salt, a little pepper…or even better, two pieces of bread, a little mayo, a couple of slices of tomato with some salt and pepper.
  • Unsweet Tea. Most sweet tea is too sweet for me. I can drink my mom’s and my grandmother’s sweet tea, but that is about it. And even my mom’s is almost too sweet for me. My grandmother puts enough sugar in her to say that she did-which equals perfection. I actually dream about unsweet tea. I have gotten up in the mornings craving it and have to go to Chick-fil-A for a really big cup with lots of ice that I can crunch on until lunch.
  • Chick-fil-A. It really never gets old. And I love their oatmeal. It’s not like it’s fancy or anything. But it’s just the right amount to fill you up.
  • Okra. It’s so flipping good this year. Especially when it is right out of the Flournoy’s garden. Another thing I will be sad to see go with summer.
  • Eggs. With 8 chickens, it’s hard not to eat eggs all the time. We do spice it up. We do scrambled egg sandwiches, omelets, with meat, with veggies, with cheese (cheddar and goat), hard-boiled. Farm fresh eggs are the best.
  • Western Salad from Momma Goldburg’s. Try it. It is too good.
  • Southwest Salad from City Market. No. It is not the same as Momma Goldburg’s. Try it.
Lots of cooking at home and not as much going out to eat lately, which I am glad of. But when we do venture out these are some of my latest favorites:
  • Meritage
  • Below the Loft
  • Black Cow
  • Speakeasy
  • Chick-fil-A
  • City Market
  • Momma Goldburg’s