GOP Debate Prep

As the political nerds ( await the 8PM GOP debate, we all know the routine by now. Newt will have a couple of awesome one-liners, Rick Perry will self-destruct every time he opens his mouth, Michelle will have on incredibly ugly shoes, no one cares if Santorum and Huntsman are there,Herman Cain will steal the stage…kinda, Ron Paul is crazy and Mitt Romney will win. We’ve been through this a few times already.

There is a pretty big game changer tonight as Mitt goes in with New Jersey Governor, Chris Christy’s endorsement. There is a confidence there that could mean not just a win, but a major landslide. These debates are all mind games at best and Romney obviously has it mastered and today’s endorsement can only make his preparation better.

But let’s look at this logically. Keeping in mind that straw polls mean absolutely nothing and we are pretty far out from the General Primary with plenty of time for folks to make come back or self destruct, my guess for the winner of the Republican nomination is Mitt Romney-not surprising for most-but my second place winner might shock everyone. I really believe that Herman Cain will be the runner up. Perry is quickly losing momentum with little to none of his support going to Romney (and this is coming from a girl who would give it all up to move to Texas and work for him), Bachman is on her way out (Thank God), Newt is already old news (no one is more upset about this than me), no one cares about Santorum and Huntsman, and Ron Paul is crazy. And while over 50% of the American voters have a problem with Romney’s religion, they are not happy with the other choices.

The Republican party hasn’t been this divided in a long time. Sure, we see it is state races and local races all the time, but we can usually come together when it comes to the big stuff. Not this time. And I see little possibility of anything changing. Barack Obama will be our President for the next four years. Although, I am willing to entertain thoughts of a different outcome. Debate is welcome.

Want to watch the debate tonight? You have a little less than half an hour to get ready. Click here for the site where it is being live streamed. No cable tonight.