Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

As we sat around the dinner table yesterday, my dad asked us to each talk about the things we were most grateful for in the past year. It was such a sweet time listening to all my siblings talk about their love for Jesus and for each other. Each one unique, yet connected not just because of DNA, but because of grace.

I am incredibly grateful for the life I have been given and the ones that I share it with. I didn’t take nearly enough photos and completely missed the second half of my day, but here are some snapshots.

Dad reading the paper...
Carving the turkey!
T and Ben
The Feast...Mexican Style.
Joe and Katie
Sammy and Ben
Mom and Ben
Caroline artfully avoiding cleaning up the Thanksgiving Aftermath...
T and Caroline

So much to be grateful for. Sweet siblings, loving parents, a loyal little pooch, and my sweet Manpanion. Yes, God is good.