Christmas Wish List

For the past several years I have been increasingly amused at the changes in “The Christmas List” as my siblings and I have gotten older. Last year, Caroline had us rolling with this doozy:

For Christmas this year I would like the following:

  1. World Peace  
  2. A Solution to World Hunger
  3.  A more efficient and plentiful power source (think air or water)
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. A porthole from the Titanic (I think it’d make a lovely sky-light)
  6.  A watch (sporty, not cutesy)
  7. A way to breathe underwater forever
  8. A new president
  9. A dresser
  10. A sea monkey that actually grows to the size of a small goldfish 
  11. An irresistible revolution of love that laughs and dances and know no limits
  12. An economic shut-down (1800s style) so people will really question what they’re living for
  13. True Love To Change the World
  14. For Jesus to come back (heaven’s gonna be AWESOME!)
  15. A small monkey named Jackson that can live in my pocket
  16. For Jesus, God, and “how to” be saved to be the most googled words/phrases
  17. For the power of love to overcome the love of power A washer/dryer unit
  18. A life of service and gratitude

 I’m so excited to see what’s under the tree this year!!!!!!!

She did get a couple of those things…like the watch. Last year I asked for running shoes, an external hard drive, and new sheets for my bed. A far cry from the Hello Kitty paraphernalia,  American Girl dolls, and the newest toy on the market. The year before I asked for a tea pot and and book. And this year, I just asked for money for bills. Yes…how the years do change things.

As I look around the community and I continue to experience what the “real world” is really like, I am reminded that Christmas isn’t about me. And it’s not about “gifts.” Not the way we think about them, anyway. Last night as the Manpanion and I were eating dinner, he kept saying he was going to get me a gas card and a blue tooth and dog food for Oscar, etc. And I just made a face and said I didn’t want Christmas gifts to be practical. His response was that it made him happy to take care of me and those were all things that would help take care of me. I thought about that all evening and again this morning. When he called me on his way to work I apologized for being so ungrateful last night. I mean, think about all the people who would love a gas card and food for their dog.

I forgot what Christmas was really about. It’s about the love that God showed us by sending His only Son to live a perfect life here on earth and eventually die on the cross for our sins. It’s about hope. It’s about peace. And it’s about giving and sharing the blessings that we have been given. And there is really no definition for those blessings; whether they be food, clothing, or the experience of a loving family, it’s may be something that someone else doesn’t have.

This year, Caroline shared this list:

Ahem. (excessive throat clearing noises):

This Christmas should be like no other

With gifts for each sister and brother

And don’t forget dear mom and dad,

(not as if we ever have)…

And when searching for the perfect gift

Don’t forget your eyes to lift

To the gift that we should always remember

That came about this time in December,

The gift that revolutionized our lives

That never fails to fill our eyes

With tears of laughter and joyous cries

Ringing out year after year,


You’re welcome everyone.

You can scratch me off of your lists because I promise, no swear, to come to Christmas this year :)

Now for MY list:

1. Money in any amount to help pay for my study abroad trip.

2. Picture frames that can be hung on a wall (preferably in black)

3. And last, but not least, one random act of kindness towards a stranger this Christmas that takes you just a bit out of your comfort zone….

Isn’t she funny? :) The last thing she wrote should be a good reminder to all of us of what the Christmas season is all about. And, it says a lot about my sweet sister.

So what will your random act of kindness be?