75 things Columbusites and those in the Tri-County Area talked about in 2011

In Thursday’s New York Times, there was an article called “75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011.” I wanted to see what I could come up with for our area. This is by no means a complete list of all the things that happened in 2011 in and around our city, but it’s about as complete as it is going to get off the top of my head at 6:45PM on New Years Eve. Enjoy!

  1. Afgan War
  2. Auburn mascot flies into window
  3. AYP…a lot of AYP stories.
  4. Bob Tant, president of Columbus Water Works, passes away
  5. BRAC
  6. Charter Review Commission
  7. China, China, China
  8. Civic Center Ticket Sales-Gate
  9. Civilian Job cuts at Ft. Benning
  10. Columbus adopts new Alcohol ordinance
  11. Columbus man banned from Muscogee County
  12. Columbus’ first female mayor
  13. Columbus High wins ANOTHER state championship in baseball
  14. Columbus was labeled the “Brokest City in America”
  15. Condoleezza Rice
  16. City hands over contract in Expedia case
  17. D.A. seeks death penalty in Heath Jackson murder
  18. End of Iraq War
  19. Fake Cop terrorizes local residents
  20. FBI investigates Talbot County Sheriff’s Office
  21. Fire at Public Safety Center
  22. Former City Councilor and Mayoral Candidate Wayne Anthony leaves Columbus to take over church in South Georgia
  23. Former CPD Officer robbing a bank
  24. Funding for Port Columbus
  25. Furlough Days
  26. Gilbert Gottfried
  27. Homeless initiative
  28. Isaiah Crowell wins SEC Freshman of the year
  29. Isaiah Crowell fails drug test
  30. Jarvis Jones makes All-American
  31. Judge Johnson
  32. Judge Land
  33. Judge Pullen
  34. Management change for Columbus Regional
  35. Mark MacPhail
  36. Mayor forms “Passenger Rail” Commission
  37. Mike Gaymon steps down from volunteer position with Crime Prevention Board
  38. Milgen Road K-Mart Closing
  39. Municipal Court Judge Haywood Turner dies
  40. New Publix opens in MidTown
  41. Parks and Rec Scandal
  42. Paul Olson makes good on promise to leave Columbus
  43. Paul Olson renigs on promise
  44. Police Chief Curtis McClung passes away
  45. Political unrest in Phenix City
  46. Politics
  47. Public Services Director Gary Stickles retires
  48. Ribbon Cutting for the Dorothy W. McClure Academy wing at the Springer Opera House
  49. Richard Anthony steps down from Synovus
  50. Robberies in Uptown
  51. SEC Football
  52. Section of RiverWalk Collapses
  53. Sheriff’s Office cars go green
  54. Shootings in Uptown
  55. St. Elmo Mansion suffers fire
  56. St. Francis expands
  57. Steeplechase
  58. Steve Melton gets a new job
  59. Steve Toms murder
  60. Suk Kim Ho
  61. Sunday Alcohol Sales
  62. Swift Mill Fire
  63. The Braves
  64. The Curry Case
  65. The death of Osama Bin Laden
  66. The Fall Trace Line
  67. The First Columbus Triathlon
  68. The Manhunt in North Columbus
  69. The Stock Market as it pertained to local companies
  70. To Buy or Not to Buy property for the Liberal Arts Academy
  71. Tornadoes
  72. Unkempt graveyards
  73. Uptown Concert Series
  74. MCP Warden Bill Adamson retires
  75. White Water Rafting