Dear Mary Lou,

My sweet little Loulie. What a sweet, sweet person you have become. And believe me, with the whole “kiss my feet” and “get my socks” thing…it was hard to know this day would come. :)

But really, I am not sure I know a person with a sweeter disposition than you. Stubborn still and unafraid to speak your mind, your genuine love and care for others shines through you in a beautiful way. You are loved and it is so obvious.

I appreciate your inexplicable way of being able to empathize with most everyone you come in contact with, your soothing voice, your ability to calm others in moments of turmoil, and the way you can merely walk into a room and your presence brings peace.

You are special. So special. And I love you so much. I know I don’t say it enough, but I do love you and appreciate you. You’re place in our family is perfect in a way that can only be a “God-thing.” I thank Him for you all the time.