Dear Jess,

My sweet gentleman. Always a kind word, always a compliment, always a hug. I love that about you. Having so many sisters did you a lot of good.

I appreciate your protective nature and your constant communication with all of us. You have no idea how much the text in the middle of the day means to me. Or the back and forth about “Mad Men” and music and good movies. Knowing you are always there is so comforting.

Thank you for being the “big-little” brother. You are so grown-up all of the sudden and I love you more today then I did the day Mom and Dad brought you home. Which is a lot. Because you were the center of our little world. The first boy. Mom used to stay awake VERY late at night, just watching you, because it was her only time with just you. Caroline, Sarah Ann, Mary Lou, and I ooed and awed all over you. All.Day.Long.

I still brag on you. You are so smart and loving. And handsome. Very handsome. I’m so proud of you.