Dear Ben,

I didn’t come to the hospital to come get you the day you and Mom came home. I stayed at home to make sure everything was ready. And then, I told Sarah Ann she couldn’t even hold you because you were going to be my baby because she got Katie. And then you loved Sarah Ann more anyway. But later, we all figured out that you were just actually just super smart and were playing us. Stinker.

I love your cute little personality and those big brown eyes. And I love that hair.

I love the story of when you asked Mom; “When do I turn dark like everyone else?” and when  you asked “Is Dad an illegal alien?” You are just too smart for your own good sometimes.

I am very proud of your diligence in sports and how much you know about what you love. And I am so glad you are my little brother. Thank you for loving us. You have this inate way of knowing when we are sad or stressed and you  know exactly what to say.

I love you very much and I love watching you grow.