The Catfish Buddy (CFB)

It’s hard to put into words how a pet becomes more than an animal and turns into a member of the family. But Catfish’s role in the Robertson household was an obvious one; best friend, protector, snuggle buddy, blanket hog, alarm system, and all around buddy. It took a long time for Catfish to warm up to most folks. He was most definitely a one man dog. No raised voices, playful jabs, or really touching of any kind was allowed towards those whom Catfish loved…especially Randy.

WRR and Catfish in the aftermath of the Snowpocalypse

Catfish probably would have “hovered” as a mode of transportation if that had been an option. Never a fan of having his feet on the ground, he hopped from spot to spot, seeming to walk on tip-toes most of the time.

Spelling “C-H-E-E-S-E” became the norm-even after he learned how to spell it, because Catfish got so excited at the prospect of his favorite treat. He got it for good behavior, using the yard, and-most commonly-for being The Catfish Buddy (CFB).

Manpanion's Best Friend

Catfish mostly tolerated other dogs in the family, although Randy will tell you he LOVED his pal, Shotzie. From Smokey to Georgia to Taz to Benji to Oscar, he would watch them rough house and seem to be the referee, only interfering when he deemed it necessary. Being so little, Catfish would use Oscar for warmth, laying right on top of him underneath a blanket to stop shivering. He also seemed to appreciate Oscar’s surprising strength and ability to literally push open doors of all shapes and sizes. And while Catfish was usually the instigator, Oscar’s deep bark and powerhouse body was always right there to go to battle with the Catfish Buddy.

Oscar and Catfish: Battle Buddies

Life without The Catfish Buddy is odd and empty. To some, it might seem that he was just a dog and all the attention is overkill, but to those who knew Catfish and understood the relationship between he and Randy, there is no mistaking the huge hole at the Robertson house and in Randy’s heart.