Paul Ryan: America’s Cupid.

I love Paul Ryan.

As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Paul Ryan, I am not sure that Randy and I would be together. Allow me to elaborate. When Randy was leaving for the FBI Academy a little over two years ago, he wanted to take a copy of Congressman Ryan’s “Pathways to Prosperity” with him. So, Randy called my boss at the time, Josh McKoon, and asked where he could get a copy and Josh told him that I would bring one to him. For the record, folks, this is not an actual book. It is an online PDF. I printed it off, put it in a nice three-ring binder, put a cover page in the front, and marched it up to Mr. Robertson’s office where he oh-so smoothly asked me to go to dinner…in 10 weeks when he returned home. Two years later and I am the happiest and most blessed girl I know. Thanks, Rep. Ryan.

All joking aside, I love Paul Ryan for other reasons too. I love his passion for the American people and their future. I love his willingness to speak out against the increasingly “socialist” agenda of our counter-party. And I love that he is the key to helping the American people love Mitt Romney

And that’s all it is. Ryan helps the American people feel comfortable with and love Romney. Don’t try to tell me that Republicans weren’t going to vote for Romney because he was too this or not enough of that. Republicans were going to vote for anyone that was not the current Commander-in-Chief.

Let’s face it, Gov. Romney doesn’t exactly give off that warm and fuzzy feeling that we like to have when we are choosing our new POTUS. He’s kinda stiff and has that-no offense-Northeren Style that so many Southerners struggle with. But Ryan has that Mid-Western charm that makes him easily relatable to the everyday Joe American voter. And as we have already seen in just a matter of days, he is the ying to Romney’s yang. The “Bro-Mance” that they share and the way they work together is already an obvious fit.

I’m excited, folks. I am feeling giddy. I am feeling those new relationship butterflies. And I am feeling the love.

Romney/Ryan 2012. Yeah, I could love that for the next 8 years.